Friday, 31 August 2007

Going for a Song

Dear Blog Vicar,

I had to write regarding an ongoing problem we seem to have in our church. We are not sure what method we should be using to sing songs of praise. When we go into the sanctuary we are given a copy of Mission Praise 1 & 2, Mission Praise combined, New Songs, Spring Harvest 2001 to 2008, Sing Psalms, Songs of Victory for Victorious Soldiers of Praise and a separate sheet of songs which appear in none of the above books. We also have an overhead projector in one corner and a modern projector with PowerPoint presentation in the other showing songs from the Easy Peasey Lemon Cheesy Worship System.

The problem is our new Pastor wants to leave all these books and electronic gadgetry in the vestibule and return to just one book of songs, we the congregation on the other hand would like to have wireless DVD screens installed in the back of each chair to show words and music combined as well as the option to switch to the God Channel should Pastor’s sermon prove tedious (he keeps preaching sermons based on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’).

Should we go with the Pastor and allow him to free us from our dependence on external factors to aid our worship, or should we just terminate his contract and search for a Pastor who will understand us.

Yours in Faith

Songbook of Oxford

Dear Songbook,

Your Pastor sounds like an honest man who is trying hard to bring you all into a place of peace and safety besides green pastures and still waters, he appears to be working hard to set you free from your bondage and desire to be like other churches. It would appear he is giving his whole life just to show you a sure way into the Kingdom of Heaven and the blessings therein.

Therefore, with all that said, and the danger such a man could cause for other pastors and Vicars I would suggest you terminate his contract prior to the end of his 6 month trial and give me a ring. By the way, have you considered investing in the new Songs of Redemption on IPOD and MP3 Player with Bluetooth capability, this is the way ahead.


Blog Vicar

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